The legends are alive in your home

We implement custom-made majestic furniture

Ideas derived from Viking myths, fantasy worlds, and the Nordic nature become thrones, beds, sofas, altars and cabinets in the hands of Puustikki’s skilled carpenters – no furniture or interior will be left undone.

Our custom work is extremely imaginative: someone might want to have a majestic three-meter throne in their living room, someone else an epic whisky cabinet with a deer’s head and the third person a set of kitchen cabinets linked to the fantasy world. You can feel the presence of the legends through the furniture, they are alive in your home, bringing out your personality.

Custom sculpted work also inspires Puustikki’s carpenters – this furniture can’t be found in our webstore. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your wishes, let’s sketch them together and make your dreams come true. Below you can find some of Puustikki’s custom-made work.

Simple Scandinavian furniture from Puustikki’s collections

Although we often sculpt custom-made furniture from wood according to the very different wishes of customers, Puustikki also has its own collections, which are suitable for any home.

The Viking collection is Puustikki’s flagship collection, and definitely the most imposing in style. Its large scale enables very special and complex wooden sculpture related to mythology and animal figures.

The peasant collection includes furniture with an aesthetically beautiful and simple design language, which is both firm and unapologetic at the same time. In accordance with its name, the ideology behind the collection springs from old Finnish everyday life. The furniture from the peasant collection is easy to pair with linear and modern interiors.

The country collection has a more decorative and delicate style. The furniture that extracts its design language from a romantic country mansion idyll, has carefully crafted decorative routing and a nicely worn-out rustic surface finishing. The furniture from the country collection has a durable structure despite of its delicate appearance.

Wooden household utensils stand the test of time

Would you like to have proper utensils at home and forget about the meager plastic objects? Puustikki’s personal utensils are made of solid wood – the material can be tempered birchwood, pinewood or oakwood. Each product is made in the workshop from beginning to end and the handprint of the carpenters is meant to be visible: we would not even be able to make two identical products; our products are individuals with subtle differences.

Our products endure use and they only become better with time passing and the signs of use beginning to show. The utensils, which are used in contact with food, are surface finished with a non-toxic, odorless and flavorless paraffin oil, which makes the objects hygienic. There hardly is any oxygen at all on the oiled wooden surface. The mineral-based paraffin oil makes it impossible for bacteria to grow.

It is also possible to have Puustikki’s utensils specially engraved according to your wishes.