Bring your fantasy to life

Detailed wooden art handcrafted in Finland

Can you hear a primitive voice screaming inside of you? Would you like to bring elements from the bleak Middle Ages, Viking mythologies or virtual or fantasy worlds into your everyday life? Through Puustikki it is possible – no other manufacturer in the world can answer your call.

We create epic furniture, jewelry and whole interiors by hand from solid wood, combining a simple Scandinavian style with Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Skyrim and Vikings. Artistic sculpting makes it possible to implement unique wishes, and no dream is strange to us. It is close to our heart to help you live true to your real character and persona.

The carpenter’s crude handprint can be seen in everything we do. However, do not let the rustic appearance fool you, high quality and detailed finishing is extremely important for us.

Practical, durable and measured according to your wishes

In furniture and interiors, we only use real solid wood that has grown in the Finnish nature, in the cleanest environment in the world, for example pinewood, birchwood or the rarely available Finnish oakwood. In practice we are able to implement any kind of wooden furniture or interiors both for homes and businesses. Our furniture combines practicality, decorative sculpture, uncompromised handcrafted quality, a crude appearance and decades of durability.

Everything starts with planks and rafters. Puustikki has three collections: The Viking, peasant and country collections, but in addition to these, our carpenters create for example tailor-made wooden plank-covered tables, thrones, glass cabinets, chests, sideboards, wizard wands and beds as well as household utensils. Our sculpting skills that we have refined for years guarantee very detailed and complicated animal or mythical figures.

Puustikki’s wooden furniture will last from here to eternity. We will implement the furniture of your dreams with the measurements, figures and finishings of your choice. The iron parts of our furniture are also made in Finland. Contact us, and together we will design an ensemble that suits you.

Handmade Finnish jewelry inspired by mythology

TuoniCoru’s jewelry collections and style are strongly based on the Northern nature, the Kalevala, ancient beliefs and Viking and Celtic mythology. The jewelry combines steel, wood, noble metals and different natural materials, such as pike perch skin. TuoniCoru functions as part of Puustikki in Tikkakoski, Jyväskylä.

The personal engagement and wedding rings made by jeweler Juho Manninen have already become a phenomenon during the last few years. Rings have been connected with magical powers throughout time: they are metaphors for infinity and endlessness.

The crude jewelry will surely stand out next to mass-produced products, since all our jewelry is handmade and unique.

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