Rock-spirited interiors

Whole interiors for companies

Would your business need an interior with some rock spirit, imaginative fantasy or a bold and crude touch? Puustikki’s sculptors design and implement custom-made personal interiors for businesses, which will surely stand out.

Gastrobar Wanha Krouvi in Rauma wished for a rustic and dark interior sculpted from wood with thoroughly considered details. A slithering snake was given the best spot so that it would capture everyone’s eye. Puustikki implemented the furniture for the restaurant, from bar stools to tables and picture frames to sofa booths.

Puustikki’s unique handprint can be seen all over the interior of Bar Explosive (Stonebarrel Oy) in Jyväskylä. Bar Explosive has expanded the Puustikki style into all the details: they for example serve schnapps on Puustikki’s schnapps plank. In Pub Katse in Jyväskylä, the customer is greeted by a bar counter with eagle heads, which has been shingled in the front and is about 5 meters wide.

Personal business gifts will surely be remembered

Well-chosen business gifts, gifts for special days and Christmas create a business image. A good ground rule is that the gift is valuable for its recipient, if it has a long life cycle. Puustikki’s wooden, guaranteedly Finnish and ecological business gifts will surely be remembered – and everyone will know how to use them.

Puustikki’s most popular business gift is a cutting plank made of solid wood, but almost all of our small products make suitable and personal business gifts. It is also possible to have the wooden products stylishly engraved.