Unique jewelry from TuoniCoru

Finnish jewelry art gets its inspiration from nature and mystery

TuoniCoru’s handprint differs from the mainstream – if you’re looking for a special Finnish ring or another piece of jewelry, ask jeweler Juho Manninen. TuoniCoru’s collections get their creative power from mystery, history, Finnish nature, rock and tales from the Kalevala.

The main materials used in the rings and jewelry are steel and different natural materials. The hard, endurable and allergy-friendly surgical steel can be made shiny or patinated, and at the same time it offers a protective cover into which sensitive natural materials or twines can be inlaid.

Dragon rings form TuoniCoru’s most imposing collection. They include real Finnish pike perch skin. Each dragon ring is guaranteedly unique and made by hand. With the fantasy-like dragon rings, the scaly back part of the pike perch skin becomes timeless art in the hands of the jeweler.

The metal bends into personal rings in the jeweler’s hands

TuoniCoru’s crude metal ring collection includes several different twine models. As in the other rings, also in the metal rings the handprint of the jeweler is visible, and this is what separates the jewelry from the sleek mainstream of wedding and engagement rings. The polished surface is delicate and at the same time primitively strong with its hammer imprints.

Bronze, silver or brass can be combined with steel. In the Tuoni collection, different metals are forged in the middle of the steel frame, but also stones can be planted there. See below for examples of TuoniCoru’s metal rings. More detailed product information can also be found in our webstore. The jeweler also makes custom products for private customers and businesses.

Rings made from wood and steel

Magical powers have been connected to rings throughout the ages – the ring is a metaphor for eternity and endlessness. Wooden rings represent a primitive northernness, wood has its own feel and it is a genuine material.

TuoniCoru creates wooden rings from several materials, so there are plenty of shades and colors to choose from. Curly birch, rosewood, rowan wood beautifully colored by decay, or for example a piece of wood taken out of a whisky barrel, are all suitable materials for jeweler Juho Manninen. For example, with engagement and wedding rings the chosen type of wood may be related to a story about the couple’s roots or their journey together. In the wood-inlaid rings, a steel frame and a durable coating protect the sensitive wood from all the evil in the world.

The Vikings and the Kalevala are the creative powers behind the pendants

TuoniCoru’s pendants are influenced by the Viking and Kalevala mythologies. The pendants that will surely stand out are patinated with a method that the jeweler has developed himself, so that they emanate primitivity and strength. Just like all of our other jewelry, the pendants have been designed by the jeweler. The main material for the pendants is surgical steel.

One of TuoniCoru’s most unique products is a pendant that respects a pet’s memory, and in which the pet’s ashes are immortalized inside a delicate steel frame. About a deciliter of ashes is needed, so that the jeweler can gently place the memory under a see-through coating. This enables the pet to continue its journey next to its master or mistress.