Jarkko Pilvinen

The first piece of woodwork that still lurks in the depths of CEO Jarkko Pilvinen’s mind, was the wild boar sculpture that he made in elementary school.

– The others made a rat, but I drew a wild boar and asked the teacher if I could make one. He gave me his permission. It seems that already at that time I had my own vision about what I wanted to make. Woodwork was indeed the only school subject from which I received the best grades.

After attending high school and commercial school he studied data processing for a year in the university of applied sciences, where he was fascinated by the graphic side – not really by programming or database issues. The second-year classes didn’t offer a possibility to go deep into graphic design, so he didn’t finish his studies.

– When I was a teenager, drawing fantasy themed pictures was the greatest thing ever. Now I draw all of the epic furniture we produce. I’m at my happiest when I’m holding an angle grinder and wearing a mask. In a flow state I listen to film music from Skyrim or Lord of The Rings, sometimes Viking themed music.

– The best moment in the creative process is when you get to the point of seeing the entire picture. I sculpted three massive dragons for a very large bed. The nicest moment was when I was able to haul the dragons next to each other in the workshop. I sat on the floor and looked at them from down below from an imposing perspective.

The dragon bed is one of Puustikki’s crown jewels in its massive size and detail. In addition to the bed, Jarkko mentions creating a 2,3-meter-wide griffin sofa and making a 2,85 meter high Fenrir throne as his nicest pieces of work.

– I haven’t been picky at all when it comes to work: industrial installation taught me what rough physical work is like, and after that building houses felt considerably lighter! I have worked as a doorman in a movie theater, as a department chef in a department store, and as a roadie on gigs. At the moment I don’t really see myself as a CEO, but as a carpenter, an artist.

Jarkko Pilvinen

  • From Äänekoski
  • The founder and CEO of Puustikki
  • A self-taught carpenter
  • A fan of: Skyrim, Don Rosa’s art, Lord of The Rings, WarCraft 1 + 2, Diablo 1 + 2, Witcher 3, the Fall Out saga