Juho Manninen

With his TuoniCoru trademark, the self-taught jeweler Juho Manninen is skillfully sculpting his jewelry collection based on ancient beliefs, the Kalevala, Viking and Celtic mythology, and Nordic nature. His first rings were made out of applewood at the kitchen table.  

– I’m a Bachelor of Media by education, and I worked as a sound mixer for about six years in the Helsinki area. At some point I started thinking about my own values, I started to make rings by hand to deal with my stress. I also felt a longing to be among pure nature – we have plenty of that here in Tikkakoski.

– The nicest thing about my work is making wedding and engagement rings; they are always immensely meaningful for the client. At that moment they are the most important pieces of jewelry in the world for their users, and they constantly carry them everywhere they go.

Juho remembers a myriad of ring and jewelry projects well, because usually the clients have a story to tell about their material and design preferences – and precisely these stories inspire Juho.

– Each piece of jewelry has been designed and made unique for the user, even the ones in the basic collection. They are unique, because natural materials always vary a lot, and the jeweler’s handprint is supposed to be seen. Since I’m not an educated jeweler, I’m free to generate ideas, to listen closely to wishes and to interpret them.

– The necklaces that always make me pause in respect, are the pendants that I have made from pets’ ashes. In this piece of jewelry, the pet’s ashes are placed under the surface finishing. A pet is close to you for years of your life, but also after its death it can still literally be close to you.

Juho Manninen

  • From Hämeenlinna
  • A self-taught jeweler
  • Follow on Facebook and Instagram: TuoniCoru
  • A fan of: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, floorball, fishing, the radio