Mika Kaakkolahti

In addition to working as a carpenter and sculptor, Mika is responsible for supervision of work at Puustikki. He is a furniture artisan by education, but before becoming a creator in the wood industry he was an Art Director for 12 years.

– Many people have wondered why I changed careers from computer artistry to waving about with an angle grinder, but at Puustikki it is only useful to have experience in graphic design. Creative problem solving is needed in both lines of work, and I enjoy it the most: you get kicks from planning how a piece of pine tree can for example be sculpted into squid tentacles on a wooden throne that appears shipwrecked.

Doing things half-heartedly is not enough for Mika, the hinges joining the structures need to be designed perfectly, so that the piece of furniture is as clean-cut as can be and can be used for decades. He mentions designing and implementing the interior of Gastrobar Wanha Krouvi in Rauma as one of the most memorable projects, along with another creative project, in which a troll-like rootstock bed was built according to the client’s wishes. Regarding the bed, the client desired to “sleep in a troll forest”, and the design was influenced by the forest, roots, the manifold mystery of nature, the fantasy world and troll stories.

Before working at Puustikki, Mika had run into the firm on Facebook.

– The majestic furniture gave me the chills: I thought, damn, that’s cool! I used to wonder whether my dream job even existed, one that wouldn’t feel forced – or like work. The graphic industry didn’t feel like the best option for me in the long run, and I had already given up a little on finding my dream job.

– At Puustikki I have realized, that I wouldn’t be able to implement my passion anywhere else. I want to leave a unique imprint into this world through epic furniture and interiors, I don’t want to make anything simple and boring, I genuinely want to push my own limits and challenge my potential.

Mika Kaakkolahti

  • From Leppävesi
  • Has played the guitar and the bass in different metal bands for the main part of his life
  • Consumes music in many forms: from Kikka to Iron Maiden to the darkest drone. A good melody is the most important thing!
  • A fan of: music, Tarantino, Harley Davidson, well-planned things and well-designed products