Olli Matti (Olli) Wiik

What fascinates Olli Matti Wiik most at Puustikki, is that there is no absolute truth in designing and making epic furniture, it is the work of a creative artist. The furniture is sketched and given rough measurements from which the sculptor begins to implement the customer’s wishes, envisioning freely.

– All our products are different because each piece of wood is unique. I’m an artist soul and I have always learned a lot in the music field – and in this work it is evident that the more I learn, the more creative I can be.

The project he remembers especially well is working on the bar counter of the Katse Pub in Jyväskylä.

– The bar counter, which is 5 meters long, is imposing and surely different with its eagle heads and columns. The front was built by overlapping shingles, and it took four days to get the whole thing together.

Olli has worked as a salesperson in a record store, he has sold audio and hifi equipment and worked in a microbrewery. After completing his basic examination in construction, Olli for example renovated bathrooms. Right now, he is finishing his studies to become a furniture artisan.

– There are no bad days at Puustikki, only different days. When I was younger, I thought that the only thing that mattered was making money. Now I’m satisfied that I have been able to let go of that mindset. Money ruins things more often than it adds to anything – self-fulfillment and fulfilling your dreams is more important. I have not been able to achieve this in my other workplaces.

Olli Matti Wiik

  • From Mikkeli
  • Has played the bass in several bands during the years
  • A consumer and collector of many kinds of music
  • A fan of: Don Rosa’s art, Lord of The Rings, Dan Brown, Douglas Adams and artist H.R. Giger