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E-mail: jarkko.pilvinen@puustikki.fi
Phone: +358 40 774 0076

Puustikki Oy
Kirkkokatu 11
41160 Tikkakoski
(Tikkakoski industrial building)

Entrepreneur: Jarkko Pilvinen
Business ID: 2536785-3

Handprints for future generations

Puustikki was born from following dreams and implementing them without making any compromises. During the years 2010-2011, while having a day job, Jarkko Pilvinen shared a humble 25 square meter hobby workshop with a friend, where claustrophobic feelings were lost in the joy of making things. The first crude and rock-spirited pieces of furniture were dining table sets and TV tables made of solid wood, which seemed to be in quite a demand due to their uniqueness – not everyone wants to bring home generic stuff made of plywood.

The spark to use his hands and to fulfil himself grew so big that Jarkko Pilvinen resigned from his permanent job, and Puustikki Oy was born in 2013. Next to the rustic peasant style, a unique style began to gain shape due to customer orders, gaining inspiration from Viking mythology, fantasy worlds and ancient religion, and combining Finnish wood material, an epic appearance and practicality. The epic furniture that is sculpted from rafters and planks that are delivered from 50 kilometers distance from Kouhian Saha, last for decades.

During the years, the personal wooden furniture has found its audience, and five carpenters and a jeweler from TuoniCoru are working at Puustikki’s 450 square meter workshop in Tikkakoski. Each Puustikki employee is doing his dream job, and by using their hands they are passing the imprint of their passion on to future generations – whether the product born out of wood is a utensil, furniture, jewelry or a whole interior.

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